Here's Your Word of Mouth.

Norris Outdoor Advertising is your premier outdoor advertising venue for Southeast Kansas. Thanks to loyal customers, our business has grown from one billboard in Girard, KS to over 27 billboards with 64 faces in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We are dedicated to connecting businesses with their customers and providing unique, targeted messaging through outdoor signage. We pride ourselves on being friendly, easy to work with, and will build to suit.

Design Is Everything

Norris Outdoor Advertising has a full design staff with over 25 years of combined experience. We distribute the message that our clients want, while making certain that the layout of your design will get the full effect of outdoor advertising through visual appeal. Outdoor advertising works for you each day, every day and we take pride in helping our clients have a clean, unique design that is attractive to the eye. Billboards are a form of visual art and a unique marketing arm of your business. Your design should focus on gaining that attention of the potential customer, consider a deal or items you can offer that separates you from a competitor. It’s all about communication, educating the public on what you do or how you can help meet a need with a product or service. Think about the advantages you have that others don’t and communicate that message as brief as possible. You can have the best message in the world, don’t let it get lost in a cluttered ad. An attractive design and brief written copy is a must. DESIGN IS EVERYTHING

Outdoor = Smarter Advertising

Billboards have the lowest cost per thousand of impressions than all other media types. Your billboard, as a part of a mulit-media campaign, will help fill the gaps and reinforce the marketing campaign of your business. Placing your message outdoor gives you long term product recognition and constantly reminds customers and potential customers daily how to access your business…all while creating credibility. Billboards allow the advertiser to control the placement of their ads, without wasted dollars or coverage areas. You can’t flip or turn off a billboard, it is always there and is tailored to the mobile lifestyle we have today.

Passing Savings Onto Our Clients

Norris Outdoor Advertising provides less up front cost to get your campaign up and running. We offer lower vinyl cost and only ask for reimbursement on labor and/or production cost. Our ad space rates are as good as or better than any competitor. Don’t spend a boatload on the upfront cost of your billboard, let us pass the savings onto you for your marketing campaign.


If you are interested in leasing or selling your land for billboard purposes, we'd be happy to visit with you. Call us today! 620-249-7462.


Digital Billboard in Pittsburg, KS
High Definition, Low Rates!
Located near Wal-Mart, Dillons and across from Sonic on North Broadway.

Advertise BIG and BOLD with the flexibility of updating your message weekly, daily or hourly! Real-time advertising on a digital billboard helps communicate a specific message for specific times throughout the day. Want a specific ad on display at 5 p.m.? We can do that!

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